31 Mar

Camporee 2017 Service Crew

The Sacred Springs OA Chapter will continue its role as Service Crew for the 2017 Camporee. We will be setting campfires, ceremony rings, prepping ceremonial accessories, and assisting other staff members as needed.

We will be camping as a troop, establishing our own menu, schedule and will have a separate, remote campsite. We are asking each troop to allow two Arrowmen to camp with us. Please use the form below to let us know you’re coming!

New in 2017:  We need 3-6 adults to camp with us! We had 2 adults in 2016 and felt a lot of logistical pressure. We will also be making shields to go with this year’s medieval theme. Indicate on the form whether you will want a shield.


  • Youth are encouraged to participate! The more the merrier. 2016 taught us that we need about 20-30 youth to get everything done.
  • Adults are needed as well. Specifically, we need folks to drive youth to various areas of camp for setup. We also need a dedicated kitchen crew (2-3 people) to prep meals and clean so the youth can get out to their job sites. We will use paper plates, so the only dishes to clean will be cookware.
  • The food cost is $15 per person.
  • Each person will need to bring a copy of their BSA Medical parts A & B.
  • Travel with your troop and break off after arrival, or arrive on your own.
  • The Camporee fee is waived for Service Crew participants.
  • Bring everything you’ll need for outdoor labor. Gloves, sunscreen, water!!
  • Adults are free to bring chainsaws, but please supply your own gas and bar oil.