Ceremony Season is Underway!

03 Mar
March 3, 2014

Our chapter is currently in the thick of ceremony season. Specifically Arrow of Light and crossover ceremonies. Here are a few pics of scouts from Troop 218 in Buda and Troop 18 in San Marcos. Way to go!

Sacred Springs chapter is trying something new this year—and meeting with great success:  troop-based ceremony teams. Youth who tend to already be on similar scouting schedules, we’re finding, are better able to schedule rehearsals and pull together a more cohesive ceremony. Additionally, troops that have established feeder packs can start building rapport with their future troop members in a really cool way! The chapter owns most of the regalia you see here as well as an incredible ceremony drum that can be checked out as needed. If your group is interested in pulling together a ceremony team, please contact us or call 512-947-5934.


Troop-18 troop-218